Individual Cut Beef Prices

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All our beef is 100% grass fed, raised on the same lush pastures as our organic milk cows. Want to try a sample of our beef before ordering a larger custom package? Just need a few cuts for a delicious meal? We have individual cuts of beef on hand.

Give us a call at 952-461-3428 or email as We are happy to answer any of your questions or help you place an order.

You must place an order before you arrive. We will not serve you if you just show up. THANKS!

Prices and availability updated on May 15, 2020. Subject to change without notice.

A lot of our beef products are sold out or in very limited quanities. We expect to have more in three weeks. Give us a call at 952-461-3428 to preorder items and we will let you know when they become available.

  • Ground beef – $6.50/pound-sold out
  • Arm Roast – $6.50/pound-Sold out
  • Chuck Roast – $7.25/pound
  • Round Roast – $6.75/pound
  • Sirloin Tip Roast – $7.25/pound-sold out
  • Brisket-$8.00/pound
  • Ribeye Steak -$16.00/pound
  • New York Strip -$13.50/pound
  • Tenderloin Steak – $22.00/pound
  • Sirloin Steak – $10.00/pound-sold out
  • Round Steak – $6.75/pound-sold out
  • Skirt (inside and outside) Steak – $10.50/pound
  • Flank Steak – $6.75/pound-sold out
  • Stew Meat – $6.75/pound
  • Short Ribs – $6.50/pound-sold out
  • Soup Bones – $3.75/pound
  • Liver – $3.00/pound
  • Beef Tongue -$2.50/pound
  • Heart – $2.00/pound
  • Oxtail -$3.00/pound

Beef and Pork Products

  • Old Fashioned Bologna -$8.00/pound
  • Summer Sausage -$8.00/pound
  • Wieners – $8.00/pound
  • Beef Sticks -$9.00/pound
Zweber Farms Grassfed beef