Ordering meat

How to Place a Custom Order

Place an order any time of the year by giving us a call (952-461-3428) or sending us an e-mail (zweber@integra.net). When you place your order we will inform you what is currently available now on the farm and what items need to custom ordered. A general rule of thumb is that whole frozen chicken, eggs, and 1lb ground beef packages are available each day, year round. Custom orders of beef and pork packages need to be ordered in advance.

All beef and pork packages are custom orders. We work with you so that you receive a package that works with your family’s tastes and preferences. Please contact us about the availability of individual cuts or combination packages. Click on the links below to see common cuts that are available when ordering. If you want something that you don’t see, please ask us.

Please order early for best availability. Beef packages are available throughout the year. Pork packages are available for delivery fall through early winter, but should be ordered by summer. If you are interested in chicken packages that are already cut (versus whole frozen), please contact us in the spring or early summer. Otherwise, whole frozen chickens are available daily from the farm year round.

Eggs and ground beef are available year round. Please call to schedule a pick up time.

How a Meat Purchase Works:

First call us at 952-461-3428 to order will call items such as chicken, ground beef, and eggs. We will schedule a time for your pick up.

When you arrive at the farm, pull up to the garage. We have have two dogs who will greet you. They are very friendy.

If we don’t hear you pull up, feel free to knock on the door or ring the door bell. If you called ahead we should have your order ready to go.

We will help you pack your coolers if you brought them. We recommend coolers if you will be driving more than 15 minutes.

To pay you will need either cash or check. You can write your check out to Zweber Farms. Sorry, we don’t take credit cards at this point.

Lastly, make sure there are no dogs, cats, or hens in your car before you pull away. (slightly kidding, but it could happen).


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