Chicken and Eggs

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens for Sale


Our chickens are raised out on pasture once they have all their feathers. They enjoy lush green grasses, nibbling on insects and warm sunshine. They are also fed NonGMO grains from local farmers. You will notice that our chickens have a lovely “real” flavor. Once you try our chicken you will never go back to boneless skinless flavorless chicken from the store.

Cornish-Cross chickens are known for large amounts of healthy, white meat. They are fast growing chickens that do not disappoint in flavor.

NEW THIS YEAR: we are raising a French breed of meat chicken that is so new it doesn’t have a name (just a number). These French chickens are more active grazers and have a more succulent taste. We will be offering these chickens for sale for the same price as our Cornish-Crosses.

Don’t feel shy if you don’t know how to cut up a whole chicken. We can show you how to do it, or you can watch this video 

Whole chickens can be purchased directly from the farm almost every day of the year. Check out our prices and give us a call at 952-461-3428 to pick up.

Need your chickens pre-cut? Learn more about placing a custom order here.

Free Range Eggs for Sale

Available now. $4.00/dozen

Our hens are given free range to roam, eat bugs, and scratch in the dirt. They are fed NonGMO feed from a local grain elevator. In the winter, they have warm hen houses to snuggle in and are let out on days above 20 degrees. The result is a beautiful egg that is full of nutrients. The eggs from our laying hens have dark yolks filled with all the nutrients our hens gather has they wonder the pastures. Our eggs range in size from medium to large. They also vary in color, shades of brown, green and blue.

Eggs are available all year round. Check out our prices and give us a call at 952-461-3428 to pick up.