Organic Animals aren’t Vaccinated: Organic Myth Part 3

One question we get asked often when we give farm tours is if our animals are vaccinated. At first this might seem like an odd question, but I can always tell where it is coming from. In holistic minded circles vaccinations for children are given a very critical eye. In addition, to some vaccinations seem unnatural. Also, there is the concern that most vaccines are made with gene manipulation.

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Vaccines are allowed by the National Organic Program. You can also read the entire background for the rule here.

For us vaccinations are our first round of defense. We would rather prevent illness and disease instead of having to treat it. A vaccine is a biological preparation that creates immunity to a particular disease. What that means is that vaccines are made up of a weakened or killed form a microbe. This preps their immune system to fight off the full blown disease.

We vaccinate our calves for common diseases, many of which can cause very high mortality rates, but are easy to defend against with vaccines. We also vaccinate our heifers (teenagers) and then we vaccinate again when our are cows pregnant. Vaccinating pregnant cows is very important because their calves get their immune “knowledge” from their mothers. We want our calves to have as strong an immune system as possible so they don’t get sick.

For our organic farm, vaccines are just one tool in the toolbox to prevent disease and illness.

So are vaccines perfectly organic? They may not be in some eyes, but to us as farmers they are the best way to allow our animals a healthy and natural life.

There you have it organic animals can be vaccinated; another organic myth solved.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We would love to answer them!


10 thoughts on “Organic Animals aren’t Vaccinated: Organic Myth Part 3

    1. Zweber Farms Post author

      There has been great debate in the organic community about vaccines. Most vaccines are made through gene manipulation. At this point there just isn’t enough research on “organic” vaccines. So it is rule that stays in place and we are glad for it.

  1. dgitallblog

    It is good to see that organic dairies follow this sound practice. Sure, vaccines aren’t perfect but the devastation prevented to not only your herd but herds across the state from some highly contagious diseases is way too important to not do it. I’m saddened whenever I hear about people not giving human babies their vaccinations not just because of the threat to them but to all of us.

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