Welcome to Our Family Farm

We are Jon and Lisa Zweber of Zweber Farms.

Jon and Lisa Zweber zweberfarms.com

We farm with our son, Tim and his wife, Emily.

Tim and Emily Zweber

Four Generations Strong

Our farm is four generations strong (and raising the fifth). We are located in Elko, Minnesota. We are just two miles from I-35 between Lakeville and Northfield, MN. On our farm, we raise grasss fed beef, pasture chicken, free range eggs, and all natural pork. We sell all our natural meats direct from our farm and straight to your family.

Healthy meat for your family

We sell quarters and halves of beef, halves and whole pork,  whole chickens, and brown and green eggs. Chickens, eggs and ground beef are available on a will-call basis at the farm, but all other products are available only through custom order. Please order early for the best availability. To order give us a call at 952-461-3428 or email us at info@zweberfarms.com We don’t have official hours, but try our hardest to be available when you are for pick up.

We are your neighbor

Our family farm is located in the rolling hills of Scott County, Minnesota. We are a short drive from the down-towns of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Thank you for supporting our local family farm and our tradition of raising healthy, sustainable food for your family.