5 Warming and Nutrient Dense Foods this Season

5 Warming and Nutrient Dense Foods this Season

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Tis the season! It’s getting cold. It’s getting dark. Yet, it’s beautiful and perfect. Embrace it with warming foods this winter.

Before this modern civilization, eating for the seasons was the only way to go. There weren’t any options for fresh, frozen, take-out or foods from other countries. It was what was grown around you from the gardens and the pastures at that time. It’s no coincidence that what was able to be grown and eaten during that season was also exactly what the bodies needed. Garden veggies in the summer, cooked root vegetables in the winter!

This way of eating fed bodies with the nutrients needed for that season. This helped to keep bodies cool in the summer, warm in the winter and operating with the right fuel needed to energize the body. 

Have you noticed the craving for cold, fresh salads in the summer and hearty, warm stews in the winter? There is more to it than just flavor. Salads are not only cooling, but also offer lightness with less fat while a stew offers protein and fats necessary for the winter season. 

This winter focus on warm, protein, fat and nutrient rich foods to help keep the body warm and strengthen your immunity!

5 Warming and Nutrient Dense Foods this Season

  1. Vitamin D Rich: Salmon, Eggs, Red meat, Liver, Mushrooms
  2. Protein: Grass Fed Red Meat, Chicken, Organ meat, Dried Beans
  3. Healthy Fats: Grass Fed Animal Fat (Lard, Beef Suet), Avocado, Coconut oil, Beef or Chicken Bone Broth, Grass Fed butter
  4. Root Vegetables: Sweet potatoes, Potatoes, Beets, Carrots, Turnips
  5. Green Leafy Vegetables: Frozen or from local farm (grown in greenhouses through winter)

Rather than a dark cold drive to the grocery store this winter, stock up now on grass-fed meats, organs and fats from Zweber Farms for your freezer this winter! 

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