A Muddy Mess on the Farm

Nobody is complaining about the recent bout of nice weather around here. Highs in the 50’s, sunny and no lows below freezing. The hens are especially loving it and took it upon themselves to start “free-ranging” again (i.e they are getting out). We still have piles of snow twelve feet high, but we also have areas where grass is peaking through.

Now that our over 60 inches of snow is melting, we have to deal with one sticky problem. MUD. As much as we want to go from snow to green pastures, we cannot. Thankfully, with the early snow last fall the ground didn’t freeze very deep and the snow melt is making its way into the ground, not just over it.

Mud, the necessary evil of spring, creates a few problems on our farm. First our tractors tend to get stuck, a lot. Second, since our dry cows and heifers have access to pasture, they also have access to mud. Third, our boys’ clothes get filthy.

To solve the above problems: First we don’t let Tim drive the tractors in the fields (he gets stuck the most). Second, we bed a large outside area with straw to give the animals a clean, dry place to lay. Third, we dress our kids in water proof bib overalls.

They are predicting rain this weekend, which will mean more mud. But, we all know the faster the snow melts, the faster it can start drying up. Thankfully, we are in no danger of flooding.


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0 thoughts on “A Muddy Mess on the Farm

  1. JPlovesCOTTON

    Love the photos of the boys and want to point out that you guys send all that snow right past me! In fact, I think some of it has already started flooding out some of the river ground in our area. LOTS OF WATER in places where you can usually see land. Hope the melt goes well up on your part of the river basin we share so many miles down river. Oh and I am not surprised that Tim’s the one who gets stuck the most! He’s probably too busy giving people like me a hard time on Twitter to pay attention to where he’s driving! LOL!

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