A Perfect Day

Yesterday, was a perfect day for the second week of November in Minnesota. The sky was sunny, little wind and temps in the mid 60’s. To celebrate, I took the boys for a long walk in our farm’s wooded area. Decked in our bright orange garb (just in case) we walked the short distance to little boy paradise.

Our first stop was the farm’s pond. Here Boo, one of our cattle dogs, pretended to be a bird dog for a moment and chased away all the ducks. The boys thought it was great fun throwing small rocks into the pond. Boo tried to “fetch’ as many as she could without leaving the shore (she wouldn’t make a good bird dog after all).

Then we followed the stream that leaves the pond and snakes its way through the woods. Tim and his siblings, cousins and friends use to build elaborate forts back in these woods. I am sure our boys will do the same.

The walk was very peaceful, expect for the moment that Jonnie got smacked in the face with Prickly Ash. We had a great time talking about birds, plants, rivers and mushrooms. It was a lovely afternoon.


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0 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. donna hild

    Thanks for sharing Emily, regardless of all my complaining about having to do chores etc it was a wonderful place to grow up and I’m sure your boys do and will continue to love the great outdoors.