An Interesting Idea for Child’s Birthday Party-Wordful Wedenessday

Our two year old LOVES tractors. I don’t think I can stress the love part enough.

He has been sleeping with this book for the past month! Each night he wants us to read a section out of it. I have learned more about tractors from my two year old than anyone else ever in my life.

Tim often asks me to do parts runs for him. I don’t mind doing it and I’m usually in Northfield often enough. Jonnie gets super excited when he gets to come along. We call Larson’s Implements “The Tractor Store”.

When you first walk in, there is a row of toy tractors. Jonnie walks down the row saying things like “Oh that is big, I would like that, Daddy has this kind of tractor, Daddy doesn’t have this” After Dave at the parts counter gives us our order and the boys their sucker, it is off to see all the tractors on the lot.

Jonnie could climb up each of the tractors’ steps for hours. I have to limit his play to a short half hour each time we go. Jonnie has expensive taste when it comes to tractors. Yesterday, he climbed up the biggest tractor on the lot and proudly said “Mommy, I want a Steiger.” I checked the label, and yes it was a Steiger 400 (smart two year old). That tractor is worth twice as much as our house!

I wonder if the “tractor store” would host a birthday party for our tractor lover? I can see it now: I could bring a cake, the kids could eat the free popcorn and suckers and then spend a couple hours climbing up and down the tractor steps. Maybe Larson’s mechanics could give a tour of the shop. Tim said that he buys enough parts there that they should. I said you need to buy a new tractor then they would for sure. *wink*

I might just ask Dave the parts guy the next time we are in.

Fun Tractor Trivia: What tractor maker “dabbled” in sports car making when he complained to Enzo Ferrari about the noisy gearbox in his cars? Hint this tractor maker now makes one of the world’s most expensive sports cars.  Come back for the answer on Friday’s post.


9 thoughts on “An Interesting Idea for Child’s Birthday Party-Wordful Wedenessday

  1. Steve Lazarski

    Having had the chance to meet Jonnie and Erik, it doesn’t surprise me that Jonnie is so enthused about tractors! He apparently is a well educated consumer as well! Regarding a party, other than liability, I am sure some yummy organic milk from the farm and some homemade goodies for Dave, might just be all you need to get the party plans in place. It sounds like a lot of fun and educational for non farming friends as well. Good luck implementing your great b-day party idea.

    1. zweberfarms Post author

      I said the same thing about bringing in food to “butter” them up. 🙂 The nice service desk ladies always comment on how cute our boys are. They just need to bat those big eye lashes a couple times!

    1. zweberfarms Post author

      Holding out! 🙂 It was one of fairly interesting tidbits I have learned from the tractor encyclopedia.

  2. gocrazyuk

    Really great party idea. What about the safety? Some tractors may be very tall, so falling down may hurt the kids. Did you consider bringing the birthday cake on the tractor if the road or tractor parrking is flat enough?

  3. DairyCarrie

    Hmmm…. I bet you could do that… I bet I could do that at our dealership for a certain little boy who always wants to check out the tractors when his dad stops in for parts… Thanks for the great idea!

    And food gets you everywhere with parts guys.