Chicken, Duck and Goose Eggs available at Zweber Farms

Egg-sited for Spring

As the weather warms and daylight lengthens, the farms chickens and ducks energy that was spent keeping them warm for the winter now goes towards egg production. 

This means more delicious omelets, baked goods and deviled eggs for us sourced from Zweber Farms chickens and ducks. 

What is most exciting about this is that you can rest assured the eggs you receive from the farm have better flavor and higher nutrition coming from healthier birds compared to the store bought eggs.

There is a vast difference between eggs from the store and Zweber Farms eggs. You can see first hand the living conditions of the chickens and ducks at the Zweber Farm. They have access to roam free along with all of the sunshine, vegetation, bugs, air, water and locally sourced nonGMO feed their bodies’ needs. When buying from a store, there is no way to know exactly what cage-free, free-range or pasture-raised means without actually seeing where they come from. The healthiest and more flavorful eggs come from birds raised in their optimal environments like at Zweber Farms. 

Have you ever compared the yolk of store bought to local farm raised eggs? You will notice the farm raised egg yolk is darker yellow, orange in comparison to the store bought. The color difference is directly related to the nutritional density. The deeper and darker the color the more nutrition and flavor it holds. 

The farm fresh eggs are really just that, fresh! When buying from Zweber farms the eggs go directly from the coops to you! There is no middle man or transportation time to affect the shelf life or quality of the egg.

What’s the difference between a chicken egg and a duck egg?

Generally speaking, farm duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs. They have a denser shell and a beautiful large, dark yellow yolk. They have a creamier and richer taste. Stop in to the Zweber Farm store or their next open house and ask about their duck eggs. Take some home to try in your favorite egg recipe or sunny side up with breakfast or grab the colorful chicken eggs, in shades of brown, blue and green, for some hard boiled eggs to take on-the-go.

Chicken eggs are sold for $5/dozen. Duck eggs are $8/dozen or $4/half dozen. Goose eggs are $8/four pack. See all their product prices here. Zweber Farms is open via will call (just call or email them), Thursdays from 4pm-7pm and select Saturdays from 11am-2pm. Sign up for their emails to know when their Saturday pop up dates are.

To kick off Spring I will leave you with a favorite Deviled Egg recipe of mine.

Happy Spring, 

Coach Anna,

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