Cows go for a Walk in the Woods

Today, I decided to take a walk through our farm woods with the boys. The sun is out, it is nearly 30 degrees and I had recently gotten snow shoes for Christmas. So, with nearly 70 pounds in the sled (two boys), I took off.

We didn’t make it very far. The snow shoeing part was easy, it was the pulling the sled too that made the journey difficult. Also, about ten minutes into our hike, Jonnie

5 thoughts on “Cows go for a Walk in the Woods

  1. Katie

    Beautiful pics Emily! Those cows can’t get too far in 30 + inches of snow I am sure even with fences buried. I had the girls bundled up for a walk in the sled yesterday and we didn’t past our driveway. We had every boot, mitten and hat issue you can imagine!

  2. Shannon Seifert

    I love it! Our “teenagers” got out today! Our fences are also buried, grounded, or just too short…they can walk right over them! Good to know we are not the only dairy farmers with cows walking right out of their pens this time of year!

  3. april hernandez

    I really injoy your e-mails I wish that I lived on a farm and raise cows and horses, at least I know that at the end of the day I did something good for the world and animal kind. I think if I did raise cows it would only be for milking. my father was raised on a hog and dairy farm out in norwood young america he tells me stories of the farm life way back when he was a child and it sounds like an honest days work but fun at times because you can spend time with your family while you are working the farm.Thank You for all the hard work you do to better man kind by teaching the world about where your food should come from and farming the right way!

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