Crop Signs Don’t Mean Corporate Farming

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Tim told me yesterday that some people believe that the crop signs you see along fields signal that the farm is a “corporate farm.” I am sorry to say that is not the case (too bad for all the conspiracy lovers out there). In fact, in Minnesota it is illegal for corporations to own farms.

So what are those signs for? I would compare them to real estate signs. The signs tell other farmers what brand and variety of seed was planted there. This way farmers can make more informed purchasing decisions. Why do some fields have so many varieties? The field is probably a plot field or the farmer is a seed dealer.

Some companies are getting very tech savvy and including a number that farmers can text to. A return text will tell the genetic information, yields and purchasing locations.

Sorry that this wasn’t more exciting.


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3 thoughts on “Crop Signs Don’t Mean Corporate Farming

  1. Lucas S.

    Great explanation Emily!

    Also, it can mean that this farmer had a good crop, so his seed dealer (usually a neighbor farmer, or a farm cooperative within a few miles that him and area farms belong to) puts up a sign to show the results you can have.

    This has happened to our family and neighbors will ask us about the crop and the field when they see the sign go up. Or my dad might ask neighbors about the soil on their field, to see if the crop would work good on his fields with similar soil.

    Real estate signs are a great comparison! Crop signs next to fields are exactly of like a real estate sing, but mostly the ones with a big “SOLD” tag hanging on them.

    Great blog Zwebers, keep it up!

  2. Janice

    Thanks Emily I saw a survey that showed this to be the case recently and had never even thought people could misunderstand something that is so routine for us.

    You can also compare it to good looking clothes that are well made. They frequently have a small logo on them or distinctive stitching on them. Thinking of jeans, when you see a pair someone else has, you may want to try those on for size too. The patch on the back waistband gives you a good idea of where to take your search. It in no way means Tommy Hilfiger is responsible for my butt though! LOL!


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