Family farm pork for sale

Our family farm has been raising pork for customers for over 20 years. What started out as just a few pigs in a barn we use for the cattle in the winter, has grown to around 100 pigs in their own custom straw bedded barn. We are still NOWHERE near a confinement-type pig farm. In fact, that is not one of our goals at all. We are running at a good amount of pigs for our buildings and land right now. We consider the health of the animals and the environment in our pig raising.

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It has always been our goal to have pigs that are able to do pig things. This means digging in their bedding, playing with other pigs, eating local grains from local farmers (and sometimes our garden scraps), and laying in water that they splash about when it is hot out.

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Buying family farm pork

Our family farm offers a couple of ways for you to purchase our pork. You can either purchase a whole or half pig and have it cut into the cuts that you want or you can purchase individual items from our farm store. Since we raise our pigs in small groups, we only have custom packages available quarterly on our farm. Our next available custom orders are in May (2021). Give us a call at 952-461-3428 or email us at to get on this next group. After May, we won’t have any more available until fall. Fall orders also fill up really fast, so beat the rush and stock up now.

If you don’t have the space for a large order, or if you just want to try a few things before you buy, we sell a variety of pork cuts out of our farm stand. We have several flavors of brats, hotdogs, pork chops, hams, roasts, ribs, hocks, ground, and of course bacon and breakfast links (our best sellers). Give us a call at 952-461-3428 or to arrange a private shopping experience.

Check out our prices: