Farm Spring Pictures

This cold weather is giving us a great scare. We have to wait to see what damage has been done to our pastures.  Here are some good peaks at what the farm looks like now.

family farm, zweber, mn, minnesota, spring, picture

Lilacs smell heavenly right now!


family farm, spring, pictures, minnesota, crops, zweber

Look we have barley! Hope the cold nights do not kill it.

free ranging chicken, family farm, minnesota, mn, zweber, organic

Hannah and the Hens are hanging out in the yard

flowers, picture, family farm, minnesota, mn

The few spring flowers that the deer haven’t eaten off.


2 thoughts on “Farm Spring Pictures

  1. Lisa-Marie Haugmoen

    I love seeing your pictures and reading about the farm. It’s great for those of us who miss this lifestyle due to physicals handicaps. We can dream at least and still hope. :,)