Farmers Invade Atlanta

Watch out Atlanta, thousands of farmers will be invading this weekend through Tuesday. The American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting is being held there and Tim and I have the honor of attending. I was humbled when I was asked to serve on a panel discussing the importance of farmers using social media. Tim is just tagging along for a good time and some learning.

But before any farmer can leave their farm, a lot of prep work needs to be done. Animals still need to be cared for while we are away and farm life still needs to go on. Luckily, it is still college winter break for Tim’s younger brother and youngest sister. They will be filling in for us while we are gone.

To prepare for our absence, Tim will be grinding extra feed, opening up an extra silage bag, and drying up some cows. I will be making sure that all the youngstock are well bedded, so that no one has to do that while I am away.  I will also be preparing on the home front as well. Tim’s sister will be staying with the boys, so I am getting meals prepped, laundry done and our own bags packed.

Even though vacations always create more work than usual, they are important for personal and professional growth. This trip is both personal and professional. Besides being able to connect with our many farmer and agriculture industry friends from across the nation, we will be taking in learning sessions and visiting with industry folks in the trade show. We always do a lot of  “after hours” learning as well.

I will be blogging for American Farm Bureau while am I there. You can check out the action at the Farm Bureau Blog. If you are on Twitter, follow the #AFBF11 tag to see what is all happening.

As always, the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting is one the best examples of grassroots organization. At this meeting, farmers will meet, network and set policy for the organization. Resolutions are brought forth from the states, where they were approved by the state’s own farmer voting delegates. American Farm Bureau is an organization that is made up of and led by farmer members.

We are excited to go to Atlanta!!


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