Free Range Eggs in Minnesota

Raising free range eggs from chickens and ducks in Minnesota in the winter is a little tricky, but it is done. What does free-range mean? There is no official rule on free range, but for us, it means that our chickens and ducks have access to the outside, freely, if it is above zero degrees.

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In our case that also means the hens like to destroy my gardens and flower beds, freely, too. That is the annoying part of free-range birds. The great part of free-range birds is that I have zero ticks or unwanted slugs in our yard.

This young man loved hugging hens when he was a toddler.

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Now he is raising his own flock of ducks and selling their eggs in our farm store.

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free range eggs, zweber farms

The birds also lay eggs dense with nutrients. Free range eggs have deep colored yolks from the extra beta carotene the hens are foraging in the pastures (and my garden).

One of my favorite free range egg recipes is my mother’s egg bake recipe. We eat this egg bake on holiday mornings, on Sunday mornings, and any other morning where I want a hearty breakfast.

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You can check out our other free range egg recipes on our website.

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