Free Teacher Resource-Come Tour our Farm From Anywhere

Happy Free Teacher Resource Friday.

I wanted to let you know about a great resource that our farm provides. TOURS! And no you don’t need to live within driving distance. Nor do you need to get out your red rubber boots.

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We have had several requests to give tours of our farm virtually. With advancements in technology, we are able to Skype with your classroom from our phones. How cool!

So whether if you want to hear a chicken cluck or see our cows munching on pasture from the comfort of your classroom in Tuscan, you can.

We will do all the walking for you. Interested? email us at



5 thoughts on “Free Teacher Resource-Come Tour our Farm From Anywhere

  1. Allan

    Being a former farm boy, I enjoy your blog. I still have a lot of farm in me, and miss the days of haying and sweating. I must say, I like your Sons red boots! I have my Wife reading your blog too. By the way, we met many years ago at a MN county Fair, as she was the Dairy Princess, and I was “in Love” with that beautiful Farm girl. After 30+ years, she is still my Dairy Princess!! My hats off to you and your family for providing all of us with the food you produce. Once a farm boy, always a farm boy!!!!!!

  2. Mary Bailey

    Being a teacher of Head Start 4 and 5-year-olds, I would love to see a virtual tour of the farm. All my students are from the city and do not know what a farm looks like. Poor inner-city children that never been on a farm, and with Covid-19 will not be able to go out even on a trip. My google duo lessons this month are Farm and Food from a Farm.

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