Free Teacher Resource: Cows and Numbers

I am super excited to start a new series on this blog. Each week I am going to feature a learning project about farms, agriculture, animals or food. The goal is to provide easy ways to incorporate learning about agriculture in the classroom or at home. I do not have a teaching background, but I have worked for many years with the Agriculture in the Classroom program, both as a volunteer and most recently serving as the MN Ag in the Classroom Foundation executive director. All the resources I show are free for people to use.   I just ask that you give credit where credit it due.

It is very appropriate that our first project is learning about cows. Today is June 1st, which means Happy June is Dairy Month! Here is a cow mask project that will get your little ones excited about numbers.


  • Writing
  • Art
  • Math


Cow Mask: developed by IL Ag in the Classroom

  • 2 paper plates
  • scissors
  • glue
  • construction paper
  • fastener
  • black, red, or brown markers or crayon

teacher resources, free, numbers, writing, math, agriculture in the classroom

First cut one of the paper plates in half to create the top of the face. I drew a line for our three year old to follow

teacher resources, free, animal, farm, cow, mask, early childhood

Then cut one of the halves in half again to create the ears

free teach resource, math, numbers, animals, farm unit, cutting, early childhood, preschool

Next glue the pieces together. Make sure to press down hard

free teacher resource, preschool, early childhood, cow, animal, farm unit,

While the glue dried I had Jonnie practice counting and writing his numbers. I used the number sheet from Creative Preschool Resources. Jonnie did a fabulous job!

farm unit, early childhood, free teacher resource, preschool, animal, counting, writing

Now that the glue is dry, we started to make the face and spots on our cow.

preschool, early childhood, free teacher resource, animal, counting, numbers, writing, farm

Last we cut out an ear tag shape and Jonnie practiced again writing his number. We used the numbers of his birthday.

preschool, early childhood, farm, animal, counting, numbers, writing,


preschool, early childhood, free teacher resource, animal, farm, writing, counting, numbers

Beyond the Project

Now that your project is completed here are some “beyond the project” learning tips.

  • Most domestic cattle wear ear tags. This helps the farmers know who is who. It is kind of like wearing a name tag. The ear tags are attached much like people wear earrings. It doesn’t hurt the animals.
    • Why don’t cows have names? Many of our cows do have names. In fact, they have really long registered names for the national breed databases. This is very similar to AKC dogs. But we don’t know  enough names to go around. Each year we have about 100 baby calves born. It would be difficult to name them all. Don’t worry though, even if a cow just has a number, her number becomes her “name” and it is still an affectionate way to call to our animals.
  • Teachers: Ear tags are easy to find at a farm supply store or online. They can typically be found for less than a dollar. Pick a couple up to use for counting projects during your farm unit.

More Free Farm Lesson Plans and Activities

I hope you liked this first installment in our learning resource series. Feel free to pin this to your Pinterest board. I have started a Farm Learning Activities board. Please feel free to follow that as well.

Have a great weekend!


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