FREE Teacher Resource: Eating a Rainbow and Learning Colors

You know how bummed you feel when you have a really great plan and then it doesn’t get fulfilled? Yah that happened this week. I had this great plan to do an “eat a rainbow” lesson with my kids and then have them go to our local farmers’ market and help me buy foods from all the colors. Well, apparently the farmers took 4th of July off from the market. We went all the way into town (20 minute drive) and no one was there. Boo

So no cute farmers’ market photos, but I still have a great lesson and some resources for learning about fruits and vegetables.

To kick off the lesson, I had my boys sort fruit and veggie cards by color. I used the FREE fruit and vegetable sorting cards by KidzClub. Here Jonnie is showing me his favorite fruit (or is it a vegetable?):

teacher, lesson, preschool, eat a rainbow

Since it has been over 100 degrees for the past three days, no one has wanted to play outside and we had the case of the wiggles. I created a fetching color matching game.

I took  the fruit and vegetable sorting cards and spread them out on our living room floor.

free, preschool, teacher, lesson, eat a rainbow, healthy eating, colors

Next, I made a color “rainbow” on a 11×14 sheet of paper.  The rainbow served as our starting line. Then I would say “ready, set, go find red (or any of the colors)”. The boys then raced to the other side of the room where the pile was and grabbed the first red fruit or vegetable card they could find.

They then raced back and placed their card on the matching color of the rainbow.

preschool, healthy eating, eating a rainbow, free, teacher, lesson

I did this for all the colors. Afterwards, we talked about the different colors, what nutrients are typical in each color, and how it helps our body be healthy.

free lesson, teacher, preschool, healthy eating

Color Wheel of Fruits and Vegetables

I then put the rainbow in my purse with the intent of having them find the colors at the farmers’ market, but you already know how that went. Ohh well, next time.

Beyond the lesson:

Here is a great story hour lesson plan by Bergen County Health in New Jersey titled “Ever Taste A Rainbow”? Our library didn’t have any of the books, but maybe yours does.

What are some others ideas to add to this healthy eating a rainbow and colors lesson? Share them in the comment section below. Also, make sure to visit my Pinterest board dedicated to all things learning about food, animals, plants and farms.

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