FREE Teacher Resources-Seasons and the Farm

I hope that you enjoyed the first installment in our Free Teacher Resources series. Last week we had a unit on cows and numbers. Click here if you missed it. This week we are going to talk about seasons. While searching Pinterest, I found a blog (Live Life Intentionally) that had a FREE seasons and weather unit for preschool through 4th grade. The entire unit is FANTASTIC and will probably reference it several times in this series. Today’s unit is going to focus on the season and the seasons the farm. Each new season brings a different set of tasks and responsibilities on the farm. On our dairy farm spring means planting and pasture, summer equals hay making, fall brings in the harvest and winter is about keeping our animals warm and healthy. farm unit, free teacher resource, preschool, early childhood, activities, lessonsTo start off the unit I read Farming by Gail Gibbons. I first saw this book when I worked for MN Ag in the Classroom. It is nicely illustrated book that describes the various activities that take place on a farm during different seasons. It is fairly accurate book, but shows a very diverse farm. After reading the book, the boys and I started on our season wheels. Click here for the free season wheel printable.  I printed the wheel parts on card stock paper. My five year old could cut out the parts, while my three year old needed assistance. preschool, free teacher lesson, seasons, farm unit Next we colored the wheel, while we discussed the pictures and the different seasons. The boys also practiced writing their names. preschool, free teacher lesson, seasons, farm unit To relate the seasons back to farming, I had my boys search farming magazines for pictures of farm activities from different seasons. We cut out the pictures and pasted them on our season wheel. preschool, free teacher lesson, farm unit, seasons I helped them with the fastener to put the two parts together. Now the Season Wheel is complete! preschool, free, printable, lessons, farm unit, seasons

Beyond the lesson: Ask a local farmer to become a pen-pal with your class. Don’t know a farmer? Contact your local Extension office or Farm Bureau office. Our farm is paired with several 9th grade classes. We exchange letters and write about what is happening on the farm. We also come and visit the classes. Or just follow our blog 🙂

This could be a year long project where the students collect plants, seeds, etc from the different seasons the farm. For preschool classes a texture table can be set up. Spring fill it with seeds, Fall mature corn or other plant parts, Winter stored animal food like silage. If you are lucky enough to live in California or other fair weather states, your texture table could be filled with a variety of seasonal items.

Bulletin board ideas include: pictures from the farm or the steps of plant growth.

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    I forgot to mention: To find old farming magazines contact your local Farm Bureau or Extension office. There is one in almost every county of the United States. They should have some for you to use. Just make sure to ask far enough in advance so they don’t recycle them.