Happy 30th Anniversary Jon and Lisa

Today, is Jon and Lisa Zweber’s 30th wedding anniversary.

They have been though a lot together and still their love is strong.

I firmly believe that you have be slightly crazy to be  a dairy farmer and you have a be even a little crazier to marry one. But there is nothing crazy about Jon and Lisa.  Jon and Lisa are true partners both on the farm and in the home. The success of their farm is due to their hard-work, dedication and love for each other.

They met each other at college where they both were on the college cross-country team. Today, they still share a passion for health and fitness. Jon and Lisa have traded in their running shoe for bike tires and can be found riding the steep roads of Scott and Dakota county together.

They have raised four kids. All of their children are leading successful lives.  Now Jon and Lisa are an active part of Tim and I raising our three children (their grandchildren).

Congratulations Jon and Lisa on 30 years together in marriage!

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