Is Minnesota in a drought

Yes. Yes, we are in a moderate drought as of right now. We haven’t seen significant rain since the end of May, and we were already dry then. So what does that mean for Zweber Farms? Right now we pulling some of our non-organic beef animals off of pasture. We need to save the pasture for the organic milk cows. Under the law, we need to keep our organic cattle grazing 120 days. We are sitting at about 60 days right now. Our beef animals will still get hay and grasses to eat. They will still be 100% grass fed. They will still be outside where they can exercise. They just won’t be on the best pastures for eating.

Rain has been very scattered and when we do get any drops, it isn’t a lot. Please pray, meditate, send good vibes, whatever you do to please the universe. Our pastures need some serious rain.