Nothings Says Happy Birthday USA Like the Fair

Jonnie's first fair

Today we are heading out to Hannah’s first fair and parade. This is an annual 4th of July tradition of us. I love fairs, because they encompass everything that America is about. Fairs are a place where you can present your latest project (be in homemade bread, photography or livestock) and if your hard work is recognized you may win an award. Fairs are where generations of families gather to see the sights and enjoy some family time. Fairs are where you can enjoy good food (and lots of bad food). I have learned over the years to stay clear of the carnival corn dogs and find the best food served by either a church, 4-H or other civic food stand.

Zweber Family at Dakota County Fair (with Tillie the cow)

The fair we are going to today even has a parade. Small towns do up parades in the grandest form. Fire trucks, police officers on horse back, marching bands, tractors, Shirners on motorcycles, politicians (not sure if they will show their faces after the government shutdown) all represent what America is about. Of course you cannot forget the iconic image of little kids waving their American flags while waiting for candy on the curb (which will happen today).

I want to thank all the hard working and dedicated military that make all the freedoms we have possible. Today is about them, celebrating America and why we can be proud of our nation. Happy Birthday United States of America!!


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