Pasture Raised Ducks

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Jonnie loves his ducks and the duck enterprise is completely his. He purchases the new ducks every year with his own money. He then cares for them and collects and packages the eggs to sell. All the egg sales go back into his business (purchasing more ducks) or into his saving account. 

Unfortunately, this winter he wasn’t able to move their mobile house closer to our house for electricity. He wasn’t able to get lights on them all winter. Ducks are sensitive to light. When the daylight hours are less than nine or ten hours a day, they stop laying eggs. This is completely natural. To get ducks to lay eggs all winter, you set lights on timers in their houses so they think it is daylight longer. 

As the natural daylight increases, the ducks will start laying eggs again and Jonnie will have duck eggs for sale again. Watch your email box for notification.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a couple of older ducks (two years old), Jonnie might be interested in selling a couple this summer. He only has so much space in his duck house. These ducks are Silver Appleyards. Since they are two years old, they aren’t the best for eating. They would be good for pets that lay an egg now and then, or for weed and bug control in a vineyard or orchard. They are great foragers. Just email me at if you would be interested.