Questions about Organics? The MN Dept of Ag can Help

The MN Department of Agriculture yesterday released six short videos answering some of the most asked questions about organic products and organic labeling. As a member of the MN Organic Task Force, I serve on a subcommittee that helped spearhead this idea. We saw a huge need to define the difference between “natural” products and “organic” products. Here is a short video explaining the difference.

My favorite video is the video that answers the questions: “Is there an organic cookbook” I love this video because one of the most common key word searches that directs readers to this site is “organic” recipes. Take a look.

Do you have questions about organic certification or what the organic label means on personal care items. Visit the MN Department of Agriculture YouTube channel to view more of the videos in the Organic Series.

Do you have other questions that were not answered? Please leave your question in a comment, I can attempt to help you out.


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