Rain is a good thing!

There is a Luke Bryan song that sings “Rain is a good thing.” Ohh boy is he right!

Right now we are experiencing warm weather and a good soaking of rain. This will be perfect to get our pastures growing again. Leading into winter we were in a drought. Then with barely any snow falling in the winter season, we are still lacking a lot of moisture. Hopefully, this rain will add up to significant amounts. The forecast is talking about 70 degree weather again this weekend. That will just be perfect!

The only problem with rain, is muddy kids. Our kids wear Udder Tech bibs to keep dry and (most importantly) clean.

Here is Erik in his bibs and red rubber boots

by: David Nevala

Here is Jonnie in his red boots.

FYI, Red is easier to find if they get stuck in the field and Mom has to go fetch them out.

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*Disclaimer: I endorse Udder Tech because we use their products (a lot) not because I received anything in return.

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