RFD TV FarmHer Visits Zweber Farms

Set your DVR for RFD-TV this Friday!

RFD-TV FarmHer program will be featuring Lisa and Emily Zweber this Friday (May 12 evening at 8:30 pmCT.

Last summer, Marji from FarmHer visited our farm with the RFD-TV crew. They were great to work with and captured some amazing footage of our farm both on the ground and in the air. You will see a scene in one clip of the cows running out to pasture. I think the drone scared them a bit!

Both Steven (Jon and Lisa’s son who lives in CO) and Sarah (Jon and Lisa’s daughter who lives in Chicago with her husband Nick) will be home this weekend. It will be great to watch the show together.

Learn more about Marji’s FarmHer visit to our farm


Here is a sneak peek of the show you will see.