Snowmobiles Trails in Rural Areas

I know I posted a similar post before but it is just as important this year. Snowmobiles: Please Be Careful Around Farms.

We had our first major snowfall this past week. This means the snowmobile fans have been taking in the trails.

Snowmobile riders need to be extra cautious around farms. On our farm, there is a clearly marked trail that guides riders through safe areas around our farm. We work with our local snowmobile club to make sure the trail is safe, fun and well marked.

Each year though, there are some folks who don’t feel that the trail rules need to be followed. Disobeying trail signs can lead to injury or even death. Snow can cover up large pieces of equipment, fences, steep ditches and other dangerous obstacles. Three years ago, we had one snowmobiler that hit one of our four wire high-tensile fence at a high speed. The wire came inches from slicing open his abdomen. This rider was not on the trail and lucky for him he walked away with just a totaled snowmobile.

Even though cutting across what seems like an open field or a treeline might look like fun, dangers can be lurking under the snow. Please be safe this winter riding season and stay on the trail. Your health and snowmobile will thank you. Maybe this year Tim will finally fix his snowmobile after five years of sitting in the shed.

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The snowmobile trail around our farm is clearly marked, but you can see that going off the trail could mean real danger.


4 thoughts on “Snowmobiles Trails in Rural Areas

  1. Andrea

    We had a kid on an ATV take out our electric fence. It really is a worry to have folks who are unfamiliar with the farm buzzing around the area.