The Chick Clique Has a Ring Leader

Last week the Chick Clique appointed a ring leader. Her name is Silvia (because she just looks like a Silvia). Whenever the Chicks feel that they are being neglected, she has been appointed (not sure if it was a self appointment) to make their needs known.

In the beginning of last week, Lisa was busy helping with the milking and wasn’t as prompt as she usually is to feed the Chick Clique. Silvia came down to the barn and made this well known. She cackled and clucked and scratched at the dirt until Lisa went up and fed them.

The Clique was satisfied for a few days, but by Wednesday, Silvia was at it again. She even went down to the machine shed to bother Tim while he was working on equipment. This time we couldn’t figure it out. They were fed, they had fresh water and no predators were harassing them. But Silvia was determined to make her case that something was amiss.

Finally on Thursday, we figured it out. Silvia was asking for the nesting boxes we hadn’t gotten around to making yet. We figured we had plenty of time because they are only four months old. Silvia made her point by laying her egg on the freezer in the garage. That “showed” us. To tide Silvia over for a few days, Lisa put a box of leaves on the freezer for Silvia to use as a nest. Apparently it wasn’t to her liking. The leaves were kicked out of the box and the egg was again laid on the freezer.  The nesting boxes went up on Friday night, but Silvia still prefers the freezer.

We are not sure what the next “need” will be, but we are sure Silvia will let us know. Let us hope they don’t demand electric blankets like the cows and chickens in the children’s book Click, Clack Moo.


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