Toddler’s “Why” Questions-Thankful Thursday

This week has been full of delivering meals to Tim in the field. It all started on Saturday when we started cutting hay. We have a lot of fields to do so that means lots of field meals and picnics with Daddy. On Monday, we were delivering a field supper and Jonnie, our youngest, started in on his “why” questions. I actually love “why” questions and Tim is really good at answering them. We try to answer as long has we honestly know the answer, then we will look up the answer. It is amazing the things my kids have forced me to learn. On this day, I was pleasantly surprised by what my kids already know.

The conversation went like this:

Jonnie: Why are you cutting field?

Tim: To make hay.

Jonnie: Why?

Tim: So we have food for the cows this winter.

Jonnie: Why?

Tim: Cows need food to eat.

Jonnie: Why?

Tim: So cows can be healthy and make milk.

Jonnie: Why?

Tim: So we can make money.

Jonnie: Why?

Tim: Because if farmers didn’t make money we wouldn’t be able to buy you things, like clothes.

Then Erik, who had been listening, pipes up, “Daddy, cotton farmer make cotton so we can have clothes.”

I LOVE MY KIDS. How many four year olds know that cotton first started as a tiny seed in a field? It was then planted, cared for and finally harvest by a farmer long before it was turned into clothes? Heck most 4 year olds don’t even know cotton is a plant. Apparently, my son does. I couldn’t be more proud. One of Tim and I’s parenting priorities is that our kids never take things for granted. One aspect of that is that they fully appreciate the hard work farmers do each day to provide the rest of the world with food, fuel and fiber.

One my favorite ways to teach my children about where their food, fuel and fiber comes from is from books. The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has a comprehensive list of accurate agriculture books. It has been awhile since we read a cotton book, but apparently Erik’s mind (like most preschoolers) is like a trap. Another fun way to learn about agriculture is through the America’s Heartland series. If you live in the Twin Cities you can watch the show on Saturdays on TPT Life HD. Honestly, we usually miss it on TV, but love to view the episodes on YouTube. There are several shows featuring MN Farmers, even an organic corn farmer.

I am so thankful that my children are learning who farmers are and why they are important. Because we all know we cannot have an Agless day.


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0 thoughts on “Toddler’s “Why” Questions-Thankful Thursday

  1. Katie Lukens Pinke

    Love the WHY questions. Last night we were eating pork chops and Miss E, age 3, starting “oinking” at her meat because it comes from a pig. At least she knows! Thanks for the link to the books.

  2. Paul

    If only adults asked questions when they don’t understand something! Sounds like those kids are off to a good start.

  3. Rachel

    Aww – that would definitely be a proud parent moment! My kiddo asks the same questions and he loves any and every thing about farming!

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