Unwanted Gardening Help



Guess what animal is doing some unwanted gardening on our farm? Busted!
Now how do we keep them out? Does anyone have suggestions?


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0 thoughts on “Unwanted Gardening Help

  1. Susan Troyanek

    I’m having the same issue. What I will be doing tomorrow (which should be sunny) is putting up wire fencing over two pasture gates, a rock under the third (where they go under), and repairing a hole in the pasture fence. Then they will stay in the pasture, hopefully – I would like my vegetable garden to do well this year!

    1. zweberfarms Post author

      LOL, sounds like our chickens are not alone. We normally have them in a fenced in area. We used electric chicken netting. But they just fly over it. I think we need to train the dogs to guard the gardens by the house.

  2. Paul

    I wonder if they scratch at rubber mulch as much. I had to show my wife the second photo. We had been watching a fancy cooking show. “Look Honey” I says, “It’s an unassembled grilled chicken salad”. But, that may be an extreme way to deal with the problem!

    1. zweberfarms Post author

      Lol, that is really funny! We hope they don’t bother our veggie garden, or they might be…