Why We Love Organic Valley

We love Organic Valley, let us count the ways. No, seriously this is not some mushy suck up post. We really are grateful to be Organic Valley farmer owners.

When we started our organic journey several years ago, there were many organic dairy companies clambering for new farmers. There were some that were rather small, some that were rather large. Some were owned by farmers, while others were not. Some had strict animal welfare guidelines and others just followed the minimal organic standard regulations. Some were offering really high pay and others were offering a bonus during the transition.

It was a tough decision, but ultimately we went with Organic Valley (OV)because of the people. We have several neighbors that were already with OV at the time and could attest to the cooperatives directives and long term commitment.

We also liked that OV was a cooperative owned by its farmer members. Before we went organic, we shipped our milk to Hastings Cooperative Creamery. We value the cooperative system where the farmers make the decisions that affect the business.

Even though it may seem that Organic Valley is a “large” company, it is run by its farmers. We are even set up so that all our milk is sold in regional pools. This ensures that the products you buy are from local farmers. Do you know who your OV farmer is? With over 1600 farmers in 38 states, chances are there is someone near where you live. Check out OV “Meet Your Farmer” finder.

Another reason we love being with Organic Valley is their high standards for animal care. Before there were pasture rules, OV had strict rules regarding the amount of pasture each animals needs and how many days they should have access to pasture. Did you know that there are no pasture rules for organic laying hens? Well, OV has standards and is working to ensure that their birds have access to natural light and the outdoors. To learn more about OV and their animal welfare standards check out their YouTube channel.

There are many reasons to love our Organic Valley Cooperative, but the best part is the farmers. We have met many other Organic Valley farmers throughout the years. Their stories are all very similar to ours. Stories of hope, vision and family.

We hope that you know that each time you buy a carton of Organic Valley milk, eggs or orange juice, you are supporting family farms just like ours.


Zweber Farms is a 4th generation family operated organic dairy.  We are proud Organic Valley farmer members and sell our milk under that label. We also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork and chicken and sell it directly to customers in Minnesota.Visit our website to learn more, www.zweberfarms.com