Work at Home Mom-Picture Definition

wahm, organic, family farm, minnesota, mn

Can that be any more clear?

5 thoughts on “Work at Home Mom-Picture Definition

  1. Becky Gartman

    LOVE the picture. How I miss the back pack days(no run away toddlers to keep track of). Taking care of kids is hard enough, not to mention trying to do your job at the same time. I work off the farm two days a week and it is nice to be able to work without little kids in tow. On the flip side it is nice to be able to spend time with the kids, even if chores take longer!

  2. Gordon W. Fredrickson

    People ask us why the little kids in my books are “working” with the adults on the farm because little kids really don’t do much. My answer, what else do you do with them? leave them in the house alone? there was no day-care in 1950 & farm women had to help work. As I state, this way the family is together. The children grow up learning that it is a family working together that makes the farm successful! Enjoy that time together.

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