About Zweber Farms

On this website you will find information on how to order our all natural meats, organic farm house recipes, a peek into our daily farm lives, and farm educational resources.

Healthy meat from our family to yours

Organic dairy is our main business. We are Organic Valley farmer owners and sell our milk under that label (If you live in the Midwest, check out your 1% gallon OV milk carton, there are a couple familiar faces there).  In addition to the dairy, we sell sustainably raised chicken, eggs, pork and beef directly to customers. Our animals are raised in a humane way that allows them to live healthy lives. We sell directly from our farm to your family.

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Century old family farm

Zweber Farm was purchased by John J. Zweber in 1906. This century old farm is nestled in the hills of Elko New Market, Minnesota. Many types of livestock and crops have been grown on the farm and it is even rumored that moonshine was once hidden under the old smoke house.

Still a family farm today

Today the farm is owned by Jon Zweber (John J’s grandson) and his son Tim. Jon and his wife Lisa, have four children. Tim who is married to Emily and has three children of his own, Erik, Jonathan and Hannah. The other children in the family are Sarah, Steven and Samantha. The Zweber Farm is a family effort.

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