20 Weeks and Zweber Baby is a Girl!

A few months back I had a blog post titled “It’s a girl” and those that knew we were expecting a child thought I was announcing the sex of our baby then. Instead, I was talking about a baby calf. Well, this time I am talking about the human Zweber baby we are expecting in July.

IT IS A GIRL! We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and it is for sure a girl. I made the technician check several times because I have heard of people expecting a girl and then it comes out a boy.

Farming and being pregnant is not too bad. My Carhartt winter bibs are starting to get a little tight, but hopefully I won’t need those too much longer. Also, I really wish someone like Carhartt or Dickies would make maternity work jeans. The maternity jeans you buy are in no way durable enough for the work we do and Tim has so skinny that I don’t fit into his. I think last time, I ended up just wearing overalls.

When it comes to farm work, I am still doing all the same things expect throwing straw bales into our heifer shed. The gate is high and to get the bales over and not in the mud, is getting hard for me. Thankfully, I have convinced Tim to do it for me. The other night I found myself milking cows and everything was fine until I had to bend over and pick something off the ground or bend over to wash the milkers. That is taking a little more effort these days.

One bonus about working on the farm, is that I don’t feel like I “need” to make time for extra workouts. Carrying pails, lifting pails of milk into group hutches, shaking out straw and walking back and forth to the barn for two hours is plenty of exercise for me. My last two pregnancy ended with c-sections (a story for another time) and the nurses and doctors are always amazed how fast I am up an walking around. I contribute it to the fact that I keep my muscle strength up.

I hope the next 20 weeks or so go well. I milked cows the night Jonnie was born, so I am sure I will be working until the very end.


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0 thoughts on “20 Weeks and Zweber Baby is a Girl!

  1. Kimberly

    Congratulations on your baby girl!
    Now about the maternity carharts – I don’t think encouraging that hard of work when you are that far along is a good idea ( : just sayin

    1. zweberfarms Post author

      I only wish I didn’t have to work so hard. It really isn’t that “hard” of work. In fact, I rarely break a sweat. I work harder when I do my prego workout videos. 🙂 A strong pair of jeans are just nice when working in the barn no matter the intensity.

  2. Lisa

    Congrats Emily and Tim! How exciting that you’re expecting a little girl. Glad to hear it sounds like you’re feeling well and still able to be active at the farm. Wishing you a happy, healthy next 20 weeks!