Helping You Thrive Through the Holidays

Helping You Thrive Through the Holidays; no weight gain, feeling well and enjoying the season

By Anna Simon,

Tis’ the season! Sugar season, that is.

For those of us who may be trying to limit sugar through the holidays it is like dodging a bullet with a radar specifically for us. No matter where we turn or what walls we put up, it finds us!.

You + Sugar : Love-Hate Relationship

Your mind loves it, Your body hates it.

Sugar has no nutritional value or health benefit. 

Sugar is associated with whole body inflammation contributing to all diseases (and weight gain). Studies even show that sugar contributes to heart disease, including high blood pressure.

Sugar does have one purpose. Indulging in limited amounts and occasions offers a treat to ourselves in a special moment or celebrating in connection with loved ones. 

When things that are meant for limited pleasure are instead consumed regularly, it loses its spark in our life and becomes an overindulgence. It is no longer a gift, but a burden especially when used for the purpose of feeding our emotions.

Tips on enjoying treats this year 

with less guilt of overindulgence, weight gain or feeling like crap:

  1. Set intention: Think through your holiday gatherings. What are your favorite treats? Can you mindfully practice ahead of time to choose 1 or 2 of your favorites and pass on the rest?
  2. Trying different baking techniques: new cookie recipes, cooking with less sugar than called for or switching to a more natural sugar like honey or real maple syrup/maple sugar (hint: both locally sourced which is a bonus!)
  3. Be mindful of your emotions: again thinking ahead – how can you mindfully head into a holiday event with a joyful, content or grateful spirit in your heart? We won’t go looking for external joy when we already have it. 
  4. Slow down and practice mindful eating: Use all your senses. Before grabbing for the cookie – Stop. Look at it. What does it look like? What does it smell like? Is it soft or hard? What ingredients might be in it? Take the first bite and Stop. What does it taste like? What is the texture? Look around – who are you with while enjoying that cookie? What do you have to be grateful in that moment?

This is a practice and journey. If you practice even one of these this holiday season – be proud for the different approach you took. If you forget and think of it after the holiday – that’s fine. Begin practicing at any time. If your intention is to keep trying, that’s what matters.
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