I wish I was a Dry Cow

Well I am still at it. Yep, this is the longest I have been pregnant. Erik was 4 weeks early and Jonnie was 3 weeks early. Uffda (hey I am from MN, I can say that). Being 38 and half weeks pregnant is rough.

Yesterday, I finally announced that I was done working on the farm. I have been gradually cutting my hours (thanks to our wonderful part time worker Ben). Even though, my work isn’t too terribly hard, bending over to feed calves and crawling in and out of their hutches, has really been rough on my back the last two nights. The night before I woke up and could hardly move. Yesterday, I had to wrestle three calves to get them on the bottle holders. I felt that in the morning.

dry cows on pasture

Dry Cows On Pasture

Today, I was wishing I was a dry cow. About 60 days before our cows give birth, we let them on a “maternity leave.” They are no longer milked, are put out to pasture and allowed to lounge around for two months. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? This dry period gives them the opportunity to be as healthy as possible when the calf is born.

I hope to get a few days of R&R (haha) before the baby comes too. Lisa was super kind and found a deal on pedicures she is sharing with me. I cannot wait to go get one with her and my two sister in laws (Sarah and Sam) tonight. Painting my toe nails has been next to impossible for the past few weeks. I still have a list a mile long of things that I would like done before next Monday (shampoo carpet, make a bunch of cookies to freeze, make a few strawberry pies, etc) but those things will wait if I happen to decide a nap sounds much better (if the boys allow it).


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0 thoughts on “I wish I was a Dry Cow

  1. zweberfarms Post author

    Thanks Lisa!!
    I got my predicure and some cookies baked. Now I am feeling like this baby can make its way to the world at anytime. But of course, I cannot see God’s plans for this child. 🙂

  2. Kelly M & Family

    Good luck on these rough last days! Good for you to call work quits and try to rest up (ha, ha!) and give your body a break. The dry cows do have the life–no toddlers to chase, no diapers to change, no laundry to wash, dry, fold and UGH, put away!!! Enjoy these days with your boys and rest up for what’s to come! I can’t wait to hear the news!