Mother Nature Took Back Spring

Well I guess Mother Nature decided to take back spring. This week feels like an early April’s Fools joke. On Tuesday, the day started with thunderstorms that turned into icy rain by midday. That night we got another two inches of snow. Highs this week are only in low 30’s and that is actually below normal for this time of year. We had flood warnings, thunderstorm watches and blizzard warnings all in one day. Okay, joke is on us. Let’s get back to spring now…

Boo, the dog, looking at the snow and wondering what is going on. (Taken on phone)

For many in the area this colder weather is a blessing. With all the snow we have had, flooding is a huge concern for many homeowners and farmers in lower areas or areas near rivers. The national guard has been helping areas make sandbags and an emergency center was established to coordinate all the flood related response teams. This cold weather is helping slow down the melt and hopefully some water can move down river before more big time melting occurs.

As for us on the farm, the weather is more of a irritant that anything else. On Tuesday, we made sure everyone was super dry because icy rain is the worst weather for the animals. We would rather it be five degrees out than 30 and raining. When an animal is wet their coats are unable to protect them from the cold. Remember from first aid class where they teach us to strip down a person from their wet clothes if they fall in a frozen lake? Same concept.

I hope this joke ends soon and we get our spring back ASAP!


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0 thoughts on “Mother Nature Took Back Spring

  1. Lisa

    I agree, I want our spring back ASAP! (But I definitely hope it warms up slowly enough that flooding isn’t too bad either.)