The Disney Princesses are Lovely, but Princess Kay is the REAL Deal!

Now that we have a girl in the house, I worry about how “girly” she will be. Not that being a girly girl is the bad thing. It is just that I never was and I don’t know if I will be able to relate. I never even had a Barbie. All ready Hannah’s closet is full of pink and purple. Tim gets really excited when she isn’t wearing pink (rare).

I know the Disney Princesses are a BIG deal for girls. I see them everywhere. In fact, just today we received a catalog in the mail for kids’ costumes. There were maybe three total pages for boy costumes (firefighter, pirate, etc), but for girls there were three pages just for Disney Princess outfits. CRAZY!

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But what if there was a real live princess that girls could look up to? And I am not talking the dressed up ones at Disney World or the Duchess of Cambridge (who is lovely, but I will never meet).  I am talking a real live princess, crown and all, that little girls (and boys) could look up to and actually meet. Could there be such a thing?

Yes there is! Let me introduce you to Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

Princess Kay

Photo By Midwest Dairy

 From the Princess Kay Facebook page:

The Princess Kay of the Milky Way ambassador program was founded in 1954. Each year, over 100 young women from across Minnesota are crowned county dairy princesses, and 12 are selected as finalists to become Princess Kay. Those finalists are each sculpted in butter during the fair.

Not only does Princess Kay of the Milky Way act as a goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry and the state’s dairy farmers, but all dairy princesses across the state serve in that capacity in their local areas.

Dairy princesses serve as spokespeople to consumers,conducting media interviews, making classroom visits to educate students about the dairy industry, giving speeches to various organizations and making public appearances at promotions or events.

Dairy princesses are selected on the basis of their communication skills, personality, general knowledge of the dairy industry and its products, and their commitment to dairy promotion. The program gives many young women the opportunity to represent the lifestyle in which they were raised.

Princess Kay candidates, and Minnesota’s county dairy princesses, are daughters of dairy farmers, employees of dairy farms, or daughters of dairy farm employees. They must be graduating seniors in high school when crowned, and not yet 24 years old, and they must not be married. Many princesses voluteer their time locally; some receive stipends for their work. Princess Kay is reimbursed by Midwest Dairy Association through its dairy farmer funding.

Photo from Midwest Dairy

This year’s Princess Kay is Mary Zahurones. Mary is the daughter of Chuck and Pat Tax of Pierz, and will attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this fall as a pre-med student studying biology and chemistry.

Do you have a little princess or prince who would like a visit from Princess Kay? Visit the Princess Kay Facebook now through the end of the Minnesota State Fair and answer Princess Kay’s question of the day. Each day a winner will be chosen. Winners will have Princess Kay visit their school of choice. How cool! Your son or daughter could introduce this real princess to all his or her classmates. (Talk about awesome!)

Cannot wait to meet a princess? Visit the Minnesota State Fair, now though Labor Day, and have your photo take with Princess Kay or one of the twelve princess finalists. You can find Princess Kay in the Empire Commons. While there, check out the butter heads and enjoy a malt!

Photo from Midwest Dairy

Our family attended the Princesses Kay coronation this year. As each of the finalist were introduced, I grew more and more proud that these young ladies will be representing me and hundreds of other dairy farmers across the state. They are all smart, articulate and of course know what hard work really means.

Congratulations Mary from Zweber Farms. You will represent the dairy industry well during your reign as Princess Kay of the Milky Way.


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3 thoughts on “The Disney Princesses are Lovely, but Princess Kay is the REAL Deal!

  1. Kristy Lynn @ Gastronomical Sovereignty

    i love that while encouraging femininity in your daughter, it’s a strong one. There’s no reason for a “princess” (or any self identified girl for that matter) to fit into crazy traditional expectations that are designed to limit our potential.

    I have such a glitch with disney and his princesses… if you have a bit of time, check out “Mickey Mouse Monopoly” (I wrote a paper based on this documentary in the second year of my undergrad) – here’s the URL for the first segment on Youtube (you can watch the entire thing there):

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