Wordless Wednessday: Find the Ag Fact Error

Hello Loyal Readers,

On the following photo are you able to find one major agriculture fact error? There a few minor errors as well, but I am looking for the big one. Can you name it?

Baby einstein cow fact card

Tomorrow I will talk about the error and why it matters that children know the real fact. (PS I have contacted Baby Einstein both by email and phone when I noticed the answer (2 years ago); they have not responded)


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0 thoughts on “Wordless Wednessday: Find the Ag Fact Error

  1. Sonia

    the first thing that got me was the statement “This is a Cow” followed closely behind describing that the pic is actually a bull – not a cow.
    the second thing that got me was that it mentioned how cows live in herds that graze on grass. for the lucky ones, sure, but for the majority, not even kind of true.
    and on a super picky editing note, the notation of “cows’ ” is super annoying.

  2. commonsenseagriculture

    Where to start… lol

    “Male cows,” Bulls “have horns,” picture is of a hermaphrodite with horns, not all cows have spots….sadly not the only example I have seen from Baby Einstein and others.

  3. Deanna

    Bulls have horns..?? This ‘cow’ has horns which would make it a bull, but no anatomical parts…but if it is a ‘cow’ where is the utter??? I am really confused.

  4. JPlovesCOTTON

    Sadly even I caught several things that were wrong! Oh well, at least you great great blog fun out of it! Have you contacted the publisher yet? It would be great to help them get the facts right.

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