Beginning of Pasture Pork

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Meet Sergio, our boar. He is one half to our pasture pork equation.

We have been toying with the idea of actually raising our own piglets on pasture and he is half of that equation. Currently, we purchase small pigs from a friend who has a family farm in southern Minnesota. This has worked great. In fact, if we start raising our own piglets, I still see us buying some pigs from them. They have awesome genetics that grows into tasty pork. We kept Sergio from one of the groups this spring that we got from this family farm.  

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for him) he really doesn’t have a permanent home. He wanders around the farm, digging and sniffing, and laying in the mud, when there is mud. At night he sleeps in our loading chute in the barn. He likes to knock over pails of chicken grain to get a treat and he has learned how to turn on the water hose.

The plan this spring is to set up a small pasture for Sergio and a couple momma pigs. Moving pigs completely to pasture is a different knowledge set than moving cows. Cows respect a single electric wire. Pigs are smarter than that. It is fine for Sergio to be wandering around, it won’t be fine for a couple of dozen piglets. I would have no garden. lol. I am sure we will figure it out. At the very least, it might be some funny content for emails and blog posts. You will be able to follow long with us on our pasture pork journey.

We all love Sergio. He is a gentle giant who loves back scratches.
Now we just need to find him a couple of girlfriends. 

To learn more about how to purchase pork from our family farm click here.