Dear Non-Farmers: Young Farmers are Listening

This weekend we (Tim, the boys and I) are off to the Minnesota Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference (YF&R). We look forward to this event each year and it has become an annual tradition. We would like to thank the Scott County Farm Bureau for sponsoring our trip.

The YF&R Conference is a great time for us to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, listen to interesting and inspiring speakers, and of course get some R&R from farm life. This year we decided to bring the boys along too. Since the conference is geared toward 18-35 year olds, many of us have families and the conference encourages everyone to attend. The conference organizers have a kids daycare where the boys will be able to play with other kids, do fun activities and have their own kids snacks. The boys are super excited to go to the pool and meet other kids as well (Mommy just isn’t as excited to put on a swimsuit).

This conference always highlights the current conversations in agriculture and of course the hot topic right now is “telling our story.” As fewer and fewer people farm it is becoming more and more important that we farmers reach out to non-farmers and engage in conversation. Conversations about how, what and how much food we produce are important because it seems like every vote in St. Paul and D.C. affects agriculture.

So, non-farmers: We are listening!! (and learning how to do it better). If you are a farmer, how do you open up dialog with non-farmers? If you are a non-farmer what do you want farmers to know about you?


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0 thoughts on “Dear Non-Farmers: Young Farmers are Listening

  1. Katie

    Emily and Tim, enjoy your MNYFR conference! The ND conf was last weekend and such a great opportunity to engage with young people that share the same passions in food and farming. I work daily to engage with outside audiences with common interests we have such as raising kids, hectic lifestyles, cooking, recipes, etc. Much of this I do with social media but it’s also important to engage in your community. My husband and I participate in our church, have friends over for fun and serve on several community boards. Good luck in the discussion meet! Can’t wait to hear more about it.