Greek Chicken Tacos- Hunk of Meat Monday

easy, cooked chicken, free range, organic, minnesota, minneapolis, recipe, I would not consider myself a “fusion” cook, but sometimes when there are odd ingredients in the refrigerator you have to eat them up (even if they originate from different continents). Last week, I had a chicken in the roaster, leftover tzatziki sauce from Gardens of Salonica,  five lonely corn tortillas and three cucumbers on the verge of going bad.  Throw that all together and what do you get?






Greek Chicken Tacos

  • Zweber Farms roasted chicken-instead of the usual spices, I rubbed the chicken with Penzeys Arizona Dreaming
  • 3 tablespoon canola oil
  • corn tortillas
  • 1 cup Organic Valley Sharp Cheddar Cheese shredded
  • 1 cucumber chopped
  • Tzatziki sauce (homemade or homemade at Garden’s of Salonica)

First heat oil in fry pan. When the oil reaches about 350 degrees, fry the tortilla shells one at a time until golden brown. I fold the shells in half and then using a tongs I lower them into the pan. Once one side is brown I use the tongs to flip them over to brown the other side.

chicken, taco, recipe, homemade, organic, minneasota

Next shred your chicken using a fork.

spicy, free range, easy, homemade, recipe, minnesota

Layer tzatziki sauce, chicken, cheese and cucumber inside your fried tortilla shells.

recipe, easy, organic, free range, minnesota, organic valley

Enjoy with a glass of Organic Valley milk and a mixed green salad.

easy, recipe, leftover chicken, minnesota, organic, free range, minneapolis

Jonnie really is enjoying his taco; he just refuses to smile nicely. This recipe was a nice mix of spicy and cooling. Perfect for summer time. Make the chicken ahead of time and you have a simple 15 minute meal on your hands without a lot of fuss.

PS Garden’s of Salonica uses Zweber Farms ground beef in their restaurant. If you are ever in Minneapolis, stop by and say “Hi” to Anna. (Does that count as our FTC disclaimer? Well it should)