Happy World Breastfeeding Week From the Cows


This week is World Breastfeeding Week. It is amazing how much knowledge I have gained about breastfeeding from being a dairy farmer and visa versa.

Here are a few universal breastfeeding/milking truths:

1. Being a provider of wholesome nutrition, whether it is for one baby or a hundred families is very rewarding.

2. The size of the mammary gland is not a good indicator of the amount of milk one will produce. I know plenty of less than well endowed humans and cows who are top producers!

3. Mastitis is the most awful evil in the world!! But Udder Comfort works wonders for both bovine and humans. PS you can find it in the dairy section at Fleet Farm and it is approved for organics!!

After I breastfed my first child, I felt like I had a new understanding and connection with our cows. In many cultures men are not allowed to milk the cows. The reason: having a mammary system connects different species.

So here is to a Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!


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0 thoughts on “Happy World Breastfeeding Week From the Cows

  1. Karli Anderson

    Thank you for sharing World Breastfeeding Week with us today. I am proud to have breastfed my daughter. As a single mother, it seemed like the easiest and most economical thing to do at the time. It resulted in a feeling of bonding and comfort between me and my daughter that as a first time mother I couldn’t have predicted. Now my daughter is almost 22 years old and still radiates the characteristic breastfed healthy skin and teeth that I had heard about. In a busy world full of packaged and refined products, breastfeed remains a shining example of something that is simpler and better the “old fashioned” way.


  2. Katie Lukens Pinke

    AMEN! World Breastfeeding Week needs more attention. Love this post Emily. It’s a a funny but totally relevant connection you have to your dairy cows. Breastfeeding is one the most rewarding aspects of motherhood for me. It’s hard work and great bonding.