Minnesota State Fair Scavenger Hunt

This week I am talk about all the things I love about county and state fairs. If you missed my post from yesterday, thanks to Midwest Dairy, I am giving away a set of four Minnesota State Fair tickets and four malt stand coupons. All you need to do is share your favorite fair memory by 10pm CT Thursday, August 15.

Today, I am sharing a clever way to create a little learning and fun into your fair visit.

Fair Scavenger Hunt

Fair Scavenger Hunt via zweberfarms.com

Minnesota Farm Bureau has a great County Fair Scavenger Hunt Kit (scroll half way down the page). The kit includes posters for many of the species of livestock and a question card for kids to fill out. Even if your fair doesn’t use the posters, you can encourage your kids to ask the farmers at the fair to help them with the questions.

Since my kids are a little younger then the intended age group for the County Fair Scavenger Hunt Kit, I made a BINGO card of each of the animal species.

I placed the BINGO card in a plastic sleeve and placed the Minnesota Farm Bureau County Fair Scavenger Hunt question sheet behind it.

This way the kids can use crayons or dry erase markers to mark off the animals that we find at the fair. You can slip the crayon inside the sleeve and also use a ribbon or string to tie the sheets to a stroller or wagon. (Trust me, the kids will not want to carry them around). After we find each animal, I will have them ask a farmer the question on the question sheet. (Learning skills in communication and social situations). If you are too shy to ask, you can guess the answers as a family and see who is closest. You can find the answers to the questions here.

Tomorrow I am going to share some of favorite places to visit on the Minnesota State Fair grounds. Don’t forget to share your favorite fair memory to be entered to win a set of four Minnesota State Fair tickets and four malt stand coupons (Thank you Midwest Dairy)! Contest ends at 10pm CT on Thursday, August 5th.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Scavenger Hunt

  1. kandynolesstevens

    What a great idea. I have done a similar thing when traveling to museums. My littlest ones were kept occupied while the older ones were able to read the exhibits. I love making learning fun, and you do a fantastic job of doing so!