Cute kids and their calves

The fair is officially over for us. The dairy animals get to go home on Tuesday night. Have no fear, the rest of the fair will go until Sunday. Here are some of the photos of the boys preparing for and then showing in the dairy show.

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After the calves are chosen, the first order is to give them a bath. This calms the animals and also gives the kids a chance to connect with their calves.

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Next the boys practiced walking with their calves. This process takes several weeks. There is more than just a battle of the bronze. It takes time to build trust with the animal. Our boys are taught to be gentle and to take their time.

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Hannah helps out by holding the halters.

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Claudia (the calf) gives Hannah a kiss during practice.

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A couple days before the fair it is time to give the calves a haircut. The goal is to cut the hair to make the calf look its best.

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This is the first year that Jonnie got to use the clippers. He did a great job helping out!

Next it is time to bring the calves to the fair. The boys were more interested in looking at the big tractors than getting their calves settled in.

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On show day, the calves are washed and prepped to look their best. Here Hannah “helps” by brushing Jonnie’s calf.

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Lastly, it is into the show-ring. Erik had to tell the judge the calves name, how old she was and what he liked about showing calves. At his age all the kids get a  trophy.

It isn’t about the trophy and the ribbons. We  all hope that our kids learn hard work, dedication and an appreciation for dairy cattle.