Working with your Husband isn’t all Bad

On Sunday night Tim and I got to milk together. We kid that these are our “date nights” (Though that isn’t far from the truth). We don’t go on dates very often. We go out on birthdays and anniversaries, but no weekly or monthly dates. There just isn’t the time. So our “date nights” are spent milking cows. It is okay though, we are the type of people who always need to be doing something and going to see a movie seems like a waste of time. A dairy date night is better than nothing. Sometimes I get just an “almost date night”

While we were milking cows the boys decided to come join us. They were with Grandpa, but he had to talk to someone who stopped by the farm. When the boys join us, so do the cats. The cats love any and all attention that they can get. We had a cat frenzy.

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No I don’t get candle lit dinners and romantic walks on the beach, but working with my husband is one of my most favorite things to do. We have a synergy that just works. When we milk cows we get into a rhythm and it seems like the cows can feel it too. We also get to talk about our days, what is happening with the kids and discuss the latest current events.  Even if our kids join us on our “dates” it is all right.  What is important is that we are together; sharing our lives.

Are you married? How often do you get to go on dates with your spouse?


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