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We are going to start a new series in my blog called Family Friday. We want to create a spot where we can talk about the other exciting things that are happening in our lives. The goals is not to say the “f” word (farming) or the “c” word (cows). There is more to our lives than farming and cows and we would like to share it with you. 

Also, we want hear from you!! So please join us and take a peak into our lives outside of the farm. 

Today, the kids, Samantha (Aunt Sam) and I headed to the Minnesota Zoo to check out the new African Penguin exhibit. I had heard mixed reviews. My brother gave it an “okay,” but Marketing Mama gave it a huge thumbs up. So we had to check it out ourselves.

I thought the exhibit was nice and the boys LOVED it. A few of the penguins were very active while we were there and the boys got to see them swim and dive. I enjoyed that the viewing area was very large. There is also a climbing rock so that there are multiple viewing levels. This helps smaller children get a fair chance to see and be up close.

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I would recommend you go see the exhibit. Of course the Minnesota Zoo has much more to offer and their reconstruction is really improving the exhibits.

Have you visited the zoo (any zoo) recently? What is your must see exhibit?

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0 thoughts on “MN Zoo Penguins-Family Friday Linky

  1. Katie @Pinke Post

    I wished we lived closer to the MN Zoo! Looks like a great display and quality family time. We visit the Dakota Zoo about twice a year in Bismarck, 100 miles up the road from us but this year it’s been flooded so no visiting! I linked up for the first time. The linky is different than blogspot but it worked.

  2. zweberfarms Post author

    Thanks! The Minnesota Zoo is a goody.
    I need to play with the Linky a little more, but I think this will do for now.