We have been busy on the farm!

… but not so much planting.

The painting of our house is getting done slowly, but surely. With an almost two year old around I cannot paint until she is sleeping at night. That means I have about 30 minutes to get the paint out, paint a section and then put it all away.

Since it has been rainy here and Tim hasn’t had much time in the fields, he was able to get our new kitchen back-splash done.



Doesn’t that look nice? That is about the only blessing with all this rain. Tim pulled an all nighter on Monday night planting as many pastures as he could. We are about a month behind. Please keep us (and the cows) in your prayers!

So what else have we been up too? Three birthdays, four preschool visits with a calf, one junior high (145 students) dairy visit,  Kindergarten graduation,  video for Twin Cities Live shot, Sarah was home for a weekend, and Sam completed her third year at St. Kates.

Ohh yah! The biggest news!


The cows usually kick up their heels a lot more when they are first let onto pasture. I think this year they just wanted to get down to the business of eating grass.

So what have you been up too?