Win an Organic Valley Calendar

The 2014 Organic Valley calendars have arrived!

Of course they are beautifully done; highlighting farmers, farm kids, and animals from our cooperative. The pictures and farmer owner quotes are weaved together to tell the beautiful story of organic farming. I once had a non-organic dairy farmer tell me that Organic Valley has the best farm calendars. I have to agree.

Organic Valley calendar 2014 via

May is a very special month for us. Not only is it my birthday month, but I also now get to look at Tim’s cute butt all month long! Whoot!


Organic Valley calendar via

I am also going to give you the chance to look at Tim’s butt all May long and other other beautiful photos throughout the year. We are going to give two lucky readers their own copy of the 2014 Organic Valley calendar. Tim will even sign May and we will throw in five Organic Valley coupons (total package worth $15). Lucky you!!

To win you must simply comment below on how you will choose to live an organic lifestyle in 2014. Maybe you are just starting your organic journey, that is okay to. Remember, organic and holistic living is a journey, not a destination. We all have to start somewhere, and there is always room to grow more.

I will randomly choose a winner via the “And the Winner Is” pluggin on December 30th. I will send you an email that day for your address, so make sure to watch for it.

Organic Valley calendar via zweberfarms.comGood luck! and best wishes in the new year!


15 thoughts on “Win an Organic Valley Calendar

  1. Debbie Gartland

    I found Organic frozen veggies at walmart. So excited for 2014. I am new to the organic lifestyle. Looking forward to making healthier food choices next year!!

  2. Rachel

    I started eating more organic the last few years. I hope to buy at least 90% organic produce and products. It feels good to know where your food comes from. Thanks for being organic farmers and making it possible!

  3. Theresa

    I buy organic whole milk, organic cereals for the kids, and organic vegetables when not cost prohibitive! I’ve noticed a lot of the organic veggies have been coming closer and closer to their non-organic counterparts! 😀

  4. Erin

    I ordered my first 1/2 beef from Zweber Farms and have begun choosing Organic Valley products when available.

  5. Bess

    We will continue to feed our family real dairy, eggs, and meat (and organic produce). But this year, my goal is to do better at carefully explaining the why behind our ways to our children.

  6. Maree

    We do organic farming for our family and now have a few neighbors that are starting to follow and we love doing our winter composting pile for our summer garden needs.

  7. Daisy McGarr

    I’m lucky that here in SoCal, I can grow vegetables year-round. Dear friend and fellow Organic Valley dairy farmer, Paul Fonder, sent me some wonderful, rich soil from his farm. The first thing I’ll grow in it will be carrots from seed from the farm where I work. 🙂

  8. Beth

    Well as I am making a lifestyle change I found your website while looking for a free range chicken source. I try to eat as organic as possible and am planning on ramping it up in 2014!